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A Day in the Life...Business Manager

A day in the life of Ana, Business Manager

Ana is the Business Manager in our Voids team. The Voids team works to turn properties round and get them re-let when someone moves out – it takes an average 31 days from someone moving out to someone moving in.

“We work closely with the Lettings team”, says Ana.  “We turn around something in the region of 1200 properties a year – 100 a month – and there’s about 100 people in the team. 

“Once a property becomes void, or empty, we send a surveyor out to inspect it, identify what repairs are required, and get our trades in to do the works – which could include putting in a new kitchen, carrying out a rewire, modernising bathrooms, renewing doors and windows, making good wear and tear, or getting a property back up to a lettable standard – that is, an agreed standard to bring the property back up to a condition that it can be let in.

“We always change the locks every time we re-let a property,” says Ana. It allows void property managers, trades colleagues and contractors to access to the property during the void process. We then fit a new lock in the final clean stages. The property is then ready for the lettings team to book an appointment with the new incoming customer.

“We take photos when we change the locks, as well as taking them inside and out every step of the way throughout the voids process, right up to the final clean. The final photos show the property as it is when it’s ready to let.

“We also carry out electrical checks, and clear the property of any personal belongings that have been left behind. We only store personal belongings if there’s been an eviction or if the departing tenant has nowhere to go – otherwise, anything left is disposed of. It’s the same with abandoned properties - if we have a legal right to take possession, we’re not obliged to store anything.

“The void property manager decides if the flooring is kept or not, and it’s largely dependent on the work that needs doing throughout the property. Also, if carpet, laminate, lino or any other kind of flooring is in poor condition, we’ll remove it. If the incoming tenant wants to keep the flooring that’s down, we just them to sign a disclaimer.

“We then hand the property back to the lettings team for its new tenant or tenants to move in,” says Ana. “That’s the nice part of the job – preparing the homes for people who’ve been waiting a long time for them.”