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Burglary in Nottingham continues to fall

Provisional year end figures released by Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership show burglary in Nottingham city has fallen by a further 4.66% in the year to March 2009.

This equates to 214 fewer burglaries. These reductions are on top of a previous fall of 38.32% since 2004.

There have been year on year on year reductions since April 2004 these reductions represent 3064 fewer burglaries. The Home Office estimates that on average every burglary costs our communities £3,280, using this formula Nottingham City has saved the equivalent of £10,049,920.

Many organisations and agencies have worked in partnership together to contribute to these excellent reductions. Local communities have also played a vital role by engaging with the numerous crime reduction campaigns that have taken place over this period, and by registering in their thousands to have their property protected with ‘Smartwater’.

Councillor Jon Collins, Leader of Nottingham City Council, said:

It is good to see the number of burglaries in Nottingham continuing to fall and that the close working of all the agencies involved in tackling crime is paying off. Making homes secure and as difficult as possible for burglars to get into and increasing the likelihood of them getting caught is still the best deterrent. SmartWater marking is just one of the initiatives that the city has invested in and one which local people have embraced, over 30,000 properties in the City have been SmartWatered and we will increase this number significantly over the coming year.

We encourage residents from across Nottingham to report problems in their area to the Nottingham City Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Helpline on 0115 915 2020. Crime can be reported anonymously to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

Chief Superintendent Shaun Beebe said:

We all recognise how far crime has fallen in Nottingham. However burglary is a horrible crime, its right that we all work together to reduce it further and make people’s homes safer. This is something partner agencies and local people can help the police achieve. 

Alan Given, Chief Executive, Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership said:

Burglary is one of the crimes that our communities say that they fear the most.  Intrusion into someone’s home is traumatic at the best of times and so in the partnership we have made it our top priority.  The reductions we have seen over the past few years have ensured that have been fewer burglaries, fewer victims, more convictions and greater protection for the people of Nottingham. 

Nottingham City Homes is a key partner in the Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership (CDP). We're also giving Smartwater to all homes having new windows and doors under Secure Warm Modern programme.

Read the full press release about the reduction in burglary in Nottingham.

For further information on the CDP, please contact Steve Youdell, CDP Communications Lead on 0115 915 6373 or 07985 844425.

(Thu, 8 Apr 2009 09:00:00 GMT)

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