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How was your cab journey? Have your say! (NCC and Notts police release)

A campaign launched in Nottingham City Council licensed vehicles this week will encourage Nottingham residents and visitors to feedback on their journey.

Cllr Katrina Bull, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Climate Change said:

It's what you expect from any service industry. We are really keen to get some feedback about the types of things that customers want and expect and this is the perfect way of gathering that information. The campaign is being launched in the run-up to Christmas to capitalise on the fact that there is always an increase in the number of people choosing Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles as a method of transport.

Vinyl stickers will appear in cars across Nottingham's 1800+ licensed Hackney and Private Hire fleet, encouraging customers to get in contact with Community Protection's Taxi Licensing team to feed back on their journey. This can be done on the website, by email, by phone or in writing.

The vinyls also feature a QR code, a specially generated barcode that when scanned with a Smartphone takes the customer straight through to a website to feed back online.

Downloading a QR reader is simple and can be accessed from a Smartphone's application provider.

Mr Ian Pole, director of D G Cars said:

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and this is just another way of finding out what they like or dislike. It's a great idea, and all of our drivers will be encouraged to participate in the campaign and display the stickers in their cars. We think the QR code is a particularly good idea, allowing customers to feed back simply and easily while they are sat in the cab.

(Tuesday 21 Dec 09:00:00 GMT)

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