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Nottingham HomeLink

HomeLink is a choice based lettings scheme. Instead of being offered a property, you get to choose the properties you are interested in and 'bid' for that property.

What is Nottingham HomeLink?

visit to find a new homeThe scheme has been operating since June 2006 and is a partnership between Nottingham City Council, Nottingham City Homes and 11 housing associations. Most of these have now officially joined the scheme.

We follow Nottingham City Council's allocations policy when deciding who to award our properties to.

HomeLink means more choice for you

As we are in a partnership with 10 housing associations, you get more choice on where you want to live. Nottingham City Homes properties are available across most of the city area but, by including housing association properties, we are able to offer you homes across a wider area. Our partners are:

  • Derwent Living
  • Family First Housing
  • Guiness Northern Counties (formerly Guiness Trust Group)
  • Longhurst and Havelock Homes
  • Nottingham Community Housing Association
  • People for Places Homes
  • Spirita (formerly Metropolitan Housing Trust)
  • Stonewater (formerly Raglan Housing)
  • Tuntum Housing

How do I get a property?

Every week we advertise all our empty properties on our HomeLink website. You can then 'bid' over the internet, by telephone or at one of our housing offices. The person with the highest priority will then get the particular property advertised. If you are not successful you can bid for up to three properties every week until you get one!

For more information

Read the Guide to Homelink, find out more about what advice and support is available to help you find a home.

More information on HomeLink is available from our specially dedicated HomeLink site.

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