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Understanding your lease

We know there are many responsibilities and worries that can come with owning a leasehold property. In this section we will explain how you can get the best out of your lease.

Publications and links

Your free copy of the Nottingham City Homes leaseholder handbook tells you more about being a leaseholder and about your lease. All new leaseholders get a copy of this when they sign their contract. You can also get one by downloading it from the 'Leaflets and booklets' section or by contacting the Leaseholder and Rechargeable Repairs Team.

We recommend you read 'Residential long leaseholders - a guide to your rights and responsibilities' from Communities and the local government website. It is free and is one of the best publications out there for leaseholders. Simply go to the Residential leasehold pages of the Communities and Local Government website and get access to FREE legal advice on all aspects of residential leasehold and common law from the Lease Advisory Service.

Main acts of parliament

We recommend you read through the following laws and acts of parliament as they will give you better understanding on protecting your rights as a leaseholder.

  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (Schedule 10)
  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1985
  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1987
  • Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993
  • Housing Act 1996
  • Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

They are all available from the Communities and the local government website.

First-tier tribunal (FTT)

If you feel you have been offered a poor service and we have not been able to sort a solution to your problems, you can go through our leasehold dispute resolution procedure. If the situation is still not resolved, you may then take the matter to the FTT. You or your landlord (Nottingham City Council) can apply to the FTT to settle a dispute over charges.

You can challenge decisions on charges if you feel the costs for certain services, repairs, maintenance, insurance or management fees are unreasonable. There is a cost for taking disputes to the FTT asked for in advance.

The FTT will consider:

  • if the cost of the services we are charging for are reasonable and fair
  • if the work being charged for is of a reasonable standard
  • how much you should pay

As the freehold agents, we can also apply to the FTT to gain repossession of leasehold properties and for changing the terms of the lease (known as a 'deed of variation').

Pro-active leaseholder sessions

Our team offers a complimentary service to potential leaseholders who have applied to acquire the leasehold on their property.

When you apply through the Right To Buy scheme you will receive a letter asking you if you want to take up the offer of a session with one of the members of the team. The session will cover the rights and responsibilities you will take on once you become a leaseholder, the possible extra costs that could occur and tips on how to get the most out of a lease.

This offer is free - you do not have to take it up but it might help you understand how the whole process works.

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