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Responsible Tenant Reward - are you on target?

Responsible Tenant Reward

Responsible Tenant Reward target

***Nearly 1,000 NCH residents missed out on their £100 responsible tenant reward last Christmas because they weren't registered to vote. Register NOW by clicking here and have your say on your future.***

If you're a good neighbour, pay your rent on time and look after your home, you'll be entitled to £100 credit on your rent account at Christmas.   

You’re a responsible tenant if you:    

  • Behave respectfully and responsibly in and around your home and your neighbourhood   
  • Pay your rent on time and in full according to your tenancy agreement (and pay any arrears through an agreed repayment plan)
  • Have kept your annual gas safety service appointment (or arranged a new one), and have kept your garden (if you have one) tidy or are taking agreed steps to improve it       
  • Haven’t caused any damage to your home, or are paying for any damage that’s been caused
  • Have joined the electoral register.

You're not acting responsibly if:

  • We’ve taken legal action against a member of your household for anti-social behaviour or a crime that’s a breach of your tenancy
  • You’ve been abusive to a member of our staff     
  • You’re not paying your rent on time, or you’re not sticking to your arrears agreement   
  • You’ve not let us in to carry out gas safety checks
  • We’ve had to warn you about the condition of your garden and you’re not doing anything about it
  • You or your family have damaged your home and haven’t paid for it to be repaired
  • You haven't joined the electoral register. 
If we’ve told you that you haven’t qualified for your Responsible Tenant Reward but you think you should have done, you’ll need to complete a  Responsible Tenant Reward Appeal Form.

If you haven’t qualified for the Responsible Tenant Reward this year, we’d like to help you get it next year.

If you’re worried about paying your rent or getting in arrears, talk to us and we’ll try to help.

Tell us straight away if you can't keep your gas servicing appointment and we'll rearrange it for you – call us on 0115 915 2552.

If you’re having problems managing your home or garden, contact your housing office for help. If you can't manage your garden because you're elderly or disabled, you may qualify for the garden assistance scheme.

Terms and conditions of Responsible Tenant Reward Scheme 2015-2016.