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Living in a flat

There are some extra tenancy conditions to keep to when you live in a flat.

You need to:

  • help keep shared areas clean and tidy
  • use rubbish chutes or bins for normal household rubbish only
  • make proper arrangements to dispose of medical waste such as needles, syringes or sanitary items
  • report any faults or repairs needed to shared areas (for example lights and door entry systems)
  • keep the noise down, particularly at night or early in the morning as people are living closer to you than in a house..

You must not:

  • cause nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours
  • leave things in communal areas
  • smoke in any communal areas or in lifts
  • prop open shared doors
  • Let strangers into the block through the door entry control system
  • keep dogs or cats if you don’t have private access to an enclosed garden (but you can keep assistance dogs for either yourself or members of your household such as dogs for the blind and dogs for deaf people)
  • park vehicles that blocks access to emergency vehicles
  • fix a TV aerial / radio aerial / satellite dish without getting our permission first
  • throw anything out of the windows or from balconies.

Fact sheets

Use these to help you - there is one for tenants and one for people who are leaseholders and have bought their flat.

If you are not sure what your responsibilites are with living in a flat, please contact your patch manager at your area housing office.

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