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Our customer promise

Our customer promise

We want to be a first class housing organisation in the eyes of our tenants and leaseholders.

It’s about great service, treating people as individuals, being flexible and responsive and making it easy for customers to get in touch, speak to the right person and get the response they need.

Our customer promise is that we will...

  • Always be polite and treat customers with respect
  • Keep our promises
  • Keep personal information secure and use it to provide personalised services
  • Ensure that customers can access services online
  • Provide a 24/7 telephone response service
  • Keep our appointments
  • Keep customers informed, and consult them about major decisions
  • Provide information that’s clear, easy to understand and jargon free
  • Be highly visible in communities
  • Listen to feedback and ask for opinions
  • Offer ways for customers to be actively involved
  • Provide a complaints service
  • Provide feedback on our performance

If customers are applying for a home, we will…

  • Ensure the application process is easy to understand
  • Register applications within five working days
  • Keep customers informed every step of the way
  • Provide advice to help customers find a new home based upon their needs
  • Work with other local housing providers
  • Arrange home swaps, including to areas outside Nottingham
  • Help customers move to a smaller home in Nottingham if they want to
  • Make bidding for a new home easy

When collecting rent, we will...

  • Work with partners to keep rents affordable
  • Provide different ways to pay rent, and encourage the use of direct debits 
  • Ensure that rent accounts are accessible and easy to understand
  • Ensure that the website is easy to use for rent payments
  • Contact customers who miss a rent payment and support them if need be
  • Give financial and debt advice
  • Offer all new tenants a financial assessment and access to support if need be
  • Support Nottingham Credit Union on bank account and cheaper loan options

With tenancies, we will...

  • Offer secure tenancies for life after successful probationary periods
  • Allow spouses to succeed tenancies
  • Allow lodgers, with our permission
  • Give details on rights and responsibilities as a tenant on sign up and online
  • Respond to requests to amend tenancies within 10 working days
  • Investigate reports of unlawful lettings and take action

For leaseholders, we will...

  • Provide an information pack that explains rights and responsibilities
  • Support Right to Buy applicants with a free advice session
  • Host a leaseholder engagement event each year
  • Keep the structure and outside of the building insured
  • Provide statements that are written clearly and are easy to understand
  • Send estimated repairs invoices in advance of final invoices
  • Give seven days' notice if we need to do repairs (unless it’s an emergency)
  • Consult before we carry out any major work to homes
  • Discuss the option of spreading the cost of large service charges