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How suppliers can make sure they're paid as soon as possible

During the current coroanvirus outbreak, it's vital that as a company we are doing the right thing by our suppliers, and paying them as quickly as possible.

This means that we have amended our invoice payment terms for those invoices supported by a valid Purchase Order (PO) to 'immediate', and made sure that our processes are as streamlined as possible to enable invoices to be processed quickly.

We remind you that by following the points below when you submit invoices for payment you can assist us in processing your invoices without unnecessary delay.


  • always quote a PO number if you have one, or the contact name of your customer at Nottingham City Homes
  • note the PO number/contact name in the top third of the invoice, preferably above/below the customer address (see below)
  • send invoices by email - please note that every invoice should be attached to a separate email.

Do not do the following as it will most likely delay payment:

  • send an invoice without a PO number or contact name
  • ever send a second copy of your invoice, as this will be identified as a duplicate
  • send your invoice to your contact at Nottingham City Homes
  • attach more than one invoice to an email, as this will cause problems for our scanning solution - please remember, one invoice per email
  • record or note the PO number in the body of the invoice as this will be more difficult for our scanning solution to identify. It needs to be in the invoice header, preferably in its own field.