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About involvement with NCH

About involvement with NCH

We want tenants and leaseholders to say what they want to see and do for their community.

Our Involvement Strategy details how we achieve our six goals for involvement:

  • To get tenants and leaseholders involved reviewing and testing our services and holding us to account, making involvement central to how we deliver our services
  • to increase the number of tenants and leaseholders involved- so that involvement really reflects what all customers need and want
  • to increase opportunities for tenants and leaseholders to get involved in different ways
  • to provide a clear training and support programme through the Tenant Academy
  • to work with our partners to promote and support work and training opportunities
  • to tell tenants and leaseholders in the best way how their involvement has made a difference.

Our customer panels help us improve our services. They are here to:

  • Make sure all tenants and leaseholders are able to have a say in issues which affect their homes, the surrounding environment and their local community
  • develop effective partnership working to deliver customer focused services
  • make sure good quality information and feedback is provided for all employees, tenants and leaseholders, and tenants representatives
  • promote success and deliver tangible results that reflect the feedback, views and priorities of tenants and leaseholders
  • promote community cohesion by providing opportunities for people of different backgrounds to work together to improve services
  • provide good quality support, including training for employees, tenants and leaseholders, and clearly defined structures to enable tenants to become effectively involved at a level and in a way that they choose.