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Housing disrepair

Having a good quality home is one of the top priorities in our Tenants’ Charter – because we know it's important to you.

We take all reports of faults in your home seriously and always aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

If you want to report a repair, or chase one up, please talk to us - we're here to help. Just call 0115 915 2222.

Beware of bogus callers

We're seeing increasing numbers of claims being made against NCH for housing disrepairs. Most of them are from claims companies who cold-call people like you, encouraging you to make a claim against us. You may also see social media campaigns from these companies.

These claims companies will let you believe they’re trying to help you, when really they just want to make money out of NCH – and out of you. Some of them will even tell you they’re supported by us or the council – which they’re not.

Legal firms make huge profits from disrepair claims. Even if your claim is successful, the legal firm will take from you a substantial amount of any damages you are awarded, in addition to any legal costs, leaving you with only a small part of the money.

If they come to your door, make sure you:

  • Always ask for identification
  • call the police if you feel scared or threatened
  • talk to us before you sign any documents.

Don’t be misled or bullied into signing anything, as you will be liable to pay fees if you change your mind. And remember - you cannot legally submit a housing disrepair claim unless you have spoken to us first.

Reporting a repair or making a complaint

We’d rather this money was helping you, rather than going to legal firms.

The best way of making sure this happens is to follow these steps before speaking with any of these claims companies:

  • Report your repair
  • If your repair is not completed to your satisfaction, make a complaint
  • We will then look into your complaint and do our best to put it right and make sure it doesn’t happen again.


If you're unsure about anything, please talk to us - we're here to help. Just call 0115 915 2222.