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Woodlands gas project

Gas works

Works have taken place at the Woodlands in Radford to install new gas pipes on the outside of each block. The new pipework feeds into each flat’s kitchen. Existing gas meters have been moved from their current location in the lobbies into a kitchen cupboard in each flat.

The project has been led by Cadent (the new name for Transco, the gas people).   

While the scaffolding and mast climbers are in place, we have been cleaning the blocks and repairing windows from the outside where needed.

The vast majority of works across all blocks is complete, and scaffolding has been removed. The programme is still on track to be completed by the end of March.



Cleaning at Oak, Elm, Ash and Willow Views has been completed. Pine View will be completed when the final bits of scaffolding have been removed.

We have completed works in 18 flats across the site to address the issue of the boiler blow-offs which cause staining to the outside walls. This is going to be an ongoing project  to rectify faults across all the buildings.